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Thanking is your company's best investment

Kiitoskauppa gift cards are an easy way to motivate your personnel and to build your customer relationships.

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What our clients say about us

“Kuntien Tiera is investing a lot in thanking and motivating the staff. Kiitoskauppa gift codes work extremely well for us and I have received a lot of good feedback from our staff.”

Jarkko Sanisalo
Human Resource Manager, Kuntien Tiera

“LähiTapiola is using Kiitoskauppa concept for rewarding and motivating our people. The concept has been personalized to our needs and is working extremely well.”

Mirja Heiniemi
HRD Manager, LähiTapiola Palvelut Oy

“Good customer relationships are vital to us. This time I gave to our most important partners Kiitoskauppa gift cards. Nice and easy, I can strongly recommend.”

Managing Director, Oy

“Summer season was really hectic to us and our staff really gave 100 %. I bought Kiitoskauppa Loisto cards to everyone, well received gift as everyone can choose their own gift from a great selection.”

Managing Director, FG Finland Oy


A turnkey solution with your brand look and feel

Kiitoskauppa concept is easy to tailor to meet any needs. The whole concept will be made according to your company’s values and look & feel. Just contact us!

Thanking, rewarding, motivating!

This is how Kiitoskauppa gifts work

Kiitoskauppa gift card selection covers all your needs whether you are rewarding your employees or remembering your clients and stakeholders. The gift selection includes popular digital services, well-being services, kitchen supplies and great amount of delicious food products.

An easy way to make unforgettable impression:

Choosing the gift selection

Choose the gift selection from our wide offering. The card can include one or several gifts. You can customize the card and gift selection to match your company look & feel.

Customizing the card

You can add your personal greeting, picture, logo etc. You can even design your own can, we happy to help you with this. Cards can be either printed or digital.

Delivering cards

Cards will be delivered to you or directly to card receivers. Digital cards will be delivered immediately or at the chosen time, printed cards will be delivered by mail.

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Choose time and address for the delivery. Digital gifts you’ll receive immediately.

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This is the easiest part: enjoy your gift!

Kiitoskauppa concept is well received

A fully customized solution with 100 % satisfaction guarantee

We have already delivered thousands of gifts to employees and other stakeholders. The feedback has been great and we are constantly improving our offering based on the the feedback. We are introducing new gift items and whole new gift selections as we speak and most importantly everything can be customized to meet your needs.

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