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Here you will find answers to your questions whether you are buying gift cards or redeeming one. If you don't find answer to your question we are happy to help in [email protected] or 045 7832 3783.

How does the gift cards work?

You can order your gift cards easily in our webstore or you can contact us. The gift cards can be ordered either as printed or digital versions. The gift cards can easily be tailored by your logo, picture, greeting or you can even build the gift selection to match your company values. The gift cards can be delivered to you or directly to gift receivers. The gift receivers can redeem the gift in our webstore and we will deliver the gift directly to home or to workplace.

How is Kiitoskauppa different from the other players?

Kiitoskauppa is a 100 % Finnish company and part of a bigger group of companies in food business we can offer a large selection of unique food items such as seasonal fresh products. In addition we are the only provider with a selection of digital services in our assortment.

How do I order the gift cards?

The easiest way is to order the cards in our webstore. You can also contact us in 045 7832 3783 or [email protected]

Is it possible to tailor the cards to match our needs?

Absolutely, you can build the gift selection in our webstore or you can contact us and we can help you, 045 7832 3783 or [email protected]. We have capacity to deliver even large amount of special products.

How quickly do I receive the gift cards?

The printed cards will be delivered by mail and you will receive them within 2-5 working days from the order, digital cards are delivered immediately. We can also mail the cards directly to receivers if wanted.

How can I pay the order?

In our webstore you can pay with invoice (14 days netto), with online bank or with credit card.

Are there any extra delivery or handling fees?

If you choose the cards to be delivered by mail handling and delivery fee is 19,00 € per delivery address.

You can also choose the cards to be delivered directly to gift receivers and we will take care of the delivery. The fee is 4,00 € / sent card.

Digital cards have no additional fees.

Is there a minimum order size?

No, there is no minimum order size, you even order just one card.

Is the gift card a tax free gift for the receiver?

Yes, gift cards with a limited selection if gifts are consider as tax free gift. The value of the gift should be under 100 € and the rules how the gifts are given should apply to all employees.

Can the gift cards be used in all parts of Finland?

Yes, the gift receiver can redeem the gift in our webstore and we will deliver the gifts in all parts of continental Finland. Unfortunately we don’t deliver the gifts to Ahvenanmaa or abroad.

How long the cards are valid?

The validity period is marked in the card.

Is it possible to have our own greeting or logo in the cards?

Yes, it is easy to tailor the cards with your text and logo in our webstore. If you want to personalize the whole concept just give us a call 045 7832 3783 or sent an e-mail to [email protected]

Is there a place in the card to write our own greetings?

Yes, there is place in the card especially designed for this. We can also print your own greeting, picture, logo etc. in the card. You can easily tailor the cards in the webstore.

Can I return the unused cards?

If for some reason the cards are about to expire we can renew the cards (max. 10 % of the original order). However, all cards are valid at minimum 12 months so you can order cards even for later use without any concern.

How do I redeem my gift card?

The gifts are redeemed in our website by filling in the unique code. After that the selection is visible and the gift receiver can choose the gifts.

How and when the gift is delivered?

The gift will be delivered to the address you named (company or your personal address) in the day you chose. If you choose a food item (fresh or frozen) we recommend that you choose the delivery date in 1-2 days before you plan to use the product. Deliveries are only done in Wed-Fri. Unfortunately due to changes in custom policies we don’t deliver to Ahvenanmaa or abroad.

What time of the day the gift is delivered?

When you redeem your gift you can choose whether you want delivery to your working address (daytime delivery) or delivery to nearest pick-up point or your home address (food items only, DHL will contact you about the delivery time).

I redeemed the gift but didn't get any confirmation?

After choosing the gift in our webstore you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you did not receive this e-mail, please check that the e-mail address you gave is correct or that the message is not in the trash folder.

Also check that you have completed the gift redeeming process, if it is not completed we can’t send the confirmation e-mail.

I received a gift card with multiple choices, what does that mean?

Your gift card can include 1 to 5 gift selections. This means that you choose as many gifts as is stated in your card. You can choose the same item or choose different products. All gifts have to be redeemed at the same time.

How long my gift card is valid?

You can check the validity in the card.

My gift card is not valid any more, what can I do?

Unfortunately the gift cards can not be used after the last validity date.

Is there a place where I can collect my gift?

Food and hard goods are delivered by courier, there is not a collection point. Digital gifts (access code the service) will be delivered to your e-mail address.

If I choose food items in what form do I receive them?

Meat and fish products are delivered either fresh or frozen. The products are packed in a sealed package with thermobag and gel ice. During the transportation the frozen items start to melt and can not be refrozen. When you receive the items treat them as fresh products and keep them in refrigerator (+2 – +6 C). The product specific shelf lives can be checked in our website. The delivery includes only the specified item e.g. lamb roast beef 800 g. Side dishes etc. are not included.

Is the packaging material recyclable?

The fresh and frozen items are delivered in reusable Thermobag. Also the gel ice is reusable. The outer package and the inside wrapping can be recycled.

Does the products include lactose or gluten?

You can check the product details in our website.

What is the shelf life in the food items

The product specific shelf lives can be checked in the website. Please note that most meat and fish items are delivered as fresh or frozen and must be stored in the refrigerator once delivered. The frozen items can not be refrozen.

Thanking, rewarding, recognizing, motivating!

Kiitoskauppa gift card selection covers all your needs whether you are rewarding your employees or remembering your clients and stakeholders. The gift selection includes popular digital services, kitchen supplies and great amount of delicious food products. Our sister companies are specialized in food so we can meet all your demands regarding quality and quantity when it comes to premium food items such as kangaroo tenderloin, Black Angus steaks etc.

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