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Newsec Little Christmas

Newsec would like to thank you for the past year and wish you a merry Christmas.

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Delicacy salamis

Supla+ audiobooks 2 month

Finnkino Superticket and Snack voucher 1 pc 3 months

C More and Ruutu+ 2 months

Pentik Amalia Towel, 70x140 cm

Jokipiin Pellava Small Towel, 2 pcs

Kuchenprofi Quick Digital Thermometer

Fanni K Blanket light grey

Valrhona tasting bars 5 pcs

Nikama Haapa platter 12,5 cm

Miiko Design Trivet 2 pcs.

Puhdistamo snack bars 10 pcs

Maku oven casserole

KEVEE hydration drink, 50 pcs

pH7 Bakery Tasting Bars, 4 pcs

Tarmo LED light 180lm

Tarmo LED Flood light battery 650lm

Fanni K blanket Kumpu 130x170 cm

4Living blanket Winter 130x170 cm

Atom fitness mat

Charity, MIELI Mental Health Finland

Charity, Icehearts ry

Charity, Hope ry

Charity, Finnish Red Cross

Thanking, rewarding, recognizing, motivating!

Kiitoskauppa gift card selection covers all your needs whether you are rewarding your employees or remembering your clients and stakeholders. The gift selection includes popular digital services, kitchen supplies and great amount of delicious food products. Our sister companies are specialized in food so we can meet all your demands regarding quality and quantity when it comes to premium food items such as kangaroo tenderloin, Black Angus steaks etc.

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