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Season’s Best – Christmas

Season’s Best – Christmas gift selection includes the best choices for the season. Christmas is good time to remember staff and clients with a well-received gift card.

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BookBeat audiobooks, 3 months

Finnkino Superticket 3 pcs

Supla audiobooks 4 months

Lumoava Helmi earring

Ruutu+ streaming service 6 months

Freshly salted whitefish 600g

Jokipiin Pellava Fire Blanket

Nikama Haapa platter 12,5 cm, 2 pcs

Smoked red deer roast c. 1 kg

Satake Houcho Hakata 17 cm

Valrhona Tasting Bars 6 pcs

Kuchenprofi Vario mandoline

Nachtmann tumblers 4 pcs

Spiegelau Salute Red Wine glasses

Cilio Piave cheese knife set

Viinilehti mag 4 pc

Salmon selection, 2x 500g

Poddi Tartufi truffle set

Flamingo Adult Spa 4 months

C More 6 months

Kuchenprofi thermometer and plasma lighter

Rela Massage 25 min

Spiegelau Beer Classic Tasting Kit

De Buyer Steel frypan Mineral B element 26 cm

Tramontina Churrasco 12 Piece Tableware Set

Holmen Coffee and tea selection

Pentik Kivi Mug 2 pcs

Peugeot Appolia dish

Singa Karaoke 6 months

Emile Henry oval oven dish, charcoal

Satake Houcho Nakiri vegetable knife

Satake Houcho Santoku

Peugeot Clermont pepper grinder 24 cm

Satake Axe

Satake Nabe pot 2,7 l

Rougie Duck Confit 1,3 kg

Makita ratchet & socket set 34 pcs.

Turkey 2,2 kg and Foie Gras 75 g

KEVEE hydration drink, 100 pcs

Satake Houcho Gyuto meat knife

Yogaia 3 months

CO2 compensation, CO2Esto Oy

Charity, Icehearts ry

Charity, Hope ry

Charity, Finnish Red Cross

Thanking, rewarding, recognizing, motivating!

Kiitoskauppa gift card selection covers all your needs whether you are rewarding your employees or remembering your clients and stakeholders. The gift selection includes popular digital services, kitchen supplies and great amount of delicious food products. Our sister companies are specialized in food so we can meet all your demands regarding quality and quantity when it comes to premium food items such as kangaroo tenderloin, Black Angus steaks etc.

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