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Our Well-being card is a totally new concept. With this gift you promote the well-being of you employees or other stakeholders. The selection includes a great variety of wellbeing enhancing products such as Yogaia online yoga, COCOVI superfoods or BookBeat audio books.

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Finnkino Superticket 2 pcs

Ruutu+ streaming service 4 months

Supla+ audiobooks 2 month

Naantali Spa for two

Jokipiin Pellava Oat Pad

Podit Business podcast and audiobooks, 4 months

Cilio Chocolate fondue set for 4

Viinilehti mag 4 pc

De Cecco pasta and oil set

BookBeat Premium audiobooks, 2 months

Fressi PT start package

Flamingo Adult Spa 4 months

Rela Massage 25 min

Holmen Coffee, 4x 250 g

Holmen Coffee, tea package 5 x 100 g

pH7 Bakery Tasting Bars, 5 pcs

Singa Karaoke 3 months

Belberry jams 5 pcs

Tapas set

4Living Fun Stripes blanket, 150x200 cm

Yogaia 3 months

Charity, MIELI Mental Health Finland

Charity, Icehearts ry

Charity, Hope ry

Charity, Finnish Red Cross

Thanking, rewarding, recognizing, motivating!

Kiitoskauppa gift card selection covers all your needs whether you are rewarding your employees or remembering your clients and stakeholders. The gift selection includes popular digital services, kitchen supplies and great amount of delicious food products. Our sister companies are specialized in food so we can meet all your demands regarding quality and quantity when it comes to premium food items such as kangaroo tenderloin, Black Angus steaks etc.

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